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Try our bug tracking system. We would also appreciate your feedback and comments. More...

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Testing Newsletter October 2004 __________________________
Best Practices for Software Projects - Software Measurements.
Most software projects fail to deliver on-time and on-budget. To reduce the risk of failure, project managers should implement measurements, allowing them to more accurately estimate projects and to enhance the quality of releases. More...

Best Practices for Software Projects - Risk Management
To deliver software on-time and on-budget, successful project managers understand that software development is complex, and that unexpected things will happen during the project life cycle.

Best Practices for Software Projects - Estimating
Ever have a manager give you a brief description of a possible project and ask you for an estimate?

Test Matrices

I need information about Metrics, which is used to find faults. it is something related with measurement. I need to know how it is used in Quality Assurance.

You can measure the arrival and departure times of developers, if you have them clock in, but that won't tell you much since not all work is done in the office (and it doesn't mean that they're working when they're in the office). This is, however, still a metric.

Test Case

I entered the company first day, suppose the project asked me to write test case on what basis should I write the test case and how should I write it.

I will bullet them in points for you:
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