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Metrics means measurement. Metrics is just a series of measurements.
Test Matrices Sample ___________________________________
I need information about Metrics, which is used to find faults. it is something related with measurement. I need to know how it is used in Quality Assurance.

You can measure the arrival and departure times of developers, if you have them clock in, but that won't tell you much since not all work is done in the office (and it doesn't mean that they're working when they're in the office). This is, however, still a metric.

The same holds for a true "quality metric". The most familiar one is defects per thousand lines of (uncommented) code. But this metric assumes that:
1) you count the lines of code
2) the complexity of the code isn't an issue
3) the programmers aren't playing games (like using continuance characters
so that what could have been written in one line isn't done in five lines)
4) all defects are uncovered in the code in a single pass
5) each defect discovered is all others
6) defects are uncovered in a linear manner between revisions or builds

The fact is that first you need to know what your goal is. Then you need to
discover or create a metric that will help you achieve that goal. Then you
need to implement it and be prepared to adjust it.

You can't use measurements (metrics) to find faults, at least not in software, so that's not a reasonable goal. You can use metrics to help determine if most of the defects have been discovered already. You can use them to tell you how much longer it will take to uncover a reasonable amount of defects. For either of these metrics you will need to know how previous projects of similar size and complexity (using similar languages, etc.) were done in order to get a reasonable comparison.

Posted by Walter Gorlitz

Test Case: File Open #


Test Cases/ Samples


No. of




Setup for [Product Name] setup






Test that file types supported by the program can be opened







Verify all the different ways to open file (mouse, keyboard and accelerated keys)







Verify files can be open from the local drives as well as network





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