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Test Case Sample ______________________________________

I entered the company first day, suppose the project asked me to write test case on what basis should I write the test case and how should I write it.

Posted by Prasad

I will bullet them in points for you:
1. You need to have a thorough understanding of the application that the
project is working on QC, testers need to have a complete understanding of the project.
2. You need to have a signed off Business requirements from the BA (business analysts or business development team)
3. Basing these as bench marks you will start writing test cases.
4. Some of them prefer writing each business requirement as a seperate testcase and some companies don't do it that way.
5. Try to talk to any other QC in the same project or other project to understand the process and procedures they have to write test cases or test plans or all the other stuff.

Posted by Aparna

The process of writing a test case is easy. Only thing is that you need to understand the concept given in your module's FSD (Functional Specification Document). A module is just a part of the project and the FSD is a description of your module!!

Now coming to the test case writing, take a simple example, your windows calculator where you are going to test only one operation which is adding 2 numbers. Here you need to assess the situation and your imagination should be on the right track as you wont get your product or software beforehand.

In case of testing the calculation 1 + 1 = 2, you assume that your windows
calculator has 4 buttons and a text box / display for giving you the answer.
Again assume that you have the buttons 1, 1, + and a =. So if you give 1 the first time, it should be displayed on the text box! Again you need to press the operator i.e. + and press the second input 1, which should appear on the display and then press =. The desired output you should get is 2.
This is what will be given in the FSD. And moreover they would also give you some fine details about how the process takes place which is not testable. Now the stuff in the second paragraph will be given in your FSD in a refined language.

So first you check when we press 1 do we see it on the screen.
Test case should be:
"Verification of display of 1 on the screen when the input was given or when the button was clicked"
and similarly for the second input:
"Verification of display of 1 on the screen when the input was given or when the button was clicked"
Now comes the result:
"Verification of display of to on the screen when the = button was pressed"

In some FSDs you would be given about a warning when you give non-numerical values like a, b instead of 1..
If its given, well you can strait away write another test case "Verification of warning message stating "invalid input (or anything given as per FSD) on the screen when the input given is a character (specifically: A)". If its not given you can note it in your testware (excel sheet) as an observation.

When you are writing a test case please check you test whatever is given in your FSD, Business Requirement.

Posted by Vathsal

No one would expect you to write a usable test case the first day. You must spend time learning the application and reading the requirements etc. This will take several weeks. Then you would determine what test cases have already been written so as not to duplicate efforts. You should also find out
what is expected of you from your manager .
To write the test cases, usually there are test case standards imposed by the organization. The main components are the description, the setup conditions, the objectives of the test case, the actual steps which should be as simple as possible describing how to input something and what is expected as an output. Then a Pass/Fail statement and maybe a comments area describing what you think caused the failure if it failed.

Posted by Rich

File Open - Test case

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch Application
2. Select "File" menu
File menu pulls down
3. Choose "Open"
"Open" dialog box appears
4. Select a file to open
5. Click OK
Result: File should open

Test case

Test case ID: B 001
Test Description: verify
B - bold formatting to the text
Revision History:
3/ 23/ 00 1.0- Valerie- Created
Function to be tested:
B - bold formatting to the text
Environment: Win 98
Test setup: N/A
Test Execution:
1. Open program
2. Open new document
3. Type any text
4. Select the text to make bold.
5. Click
Expected Result: Applies bold formatting to the text
Actual Result:

Test Case

Summary: This sample test case may be giving your some input how to write test case.

<CoesLogin.xls> Download

shared by Ashok Kumar Nanda

Test Case Master

Summary: Attached a replicate of the test case master, which will be use for logging the test cases into it.

<TestCaseMaster.doc> Download

shared by Rahul S Chavan

Test Case

Summary: Here the test case sample that use my company.

<t_tca_e.doc> Download

shared by Sylvette Morissette
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NOTE: This is only an example of a Test Cases. Test Cases can be more or less complicated, more or less detailed. In real environments your Case's contents and layout most likely will be different, depends on your project and company requirements.



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