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You are here: Home > Documentation and Strategy > Test Case Design

A good test case is one that has a high probability to find an error.

Test Case Design

shared by Mikhail Rakhunov

Test Case ID:
It is unique number given to test case in order to be identified.

Test description:
The description if test case you are going to test.

Revision history:
Each test case has to have its revision history in order to know when and by whom it is created or modified.

Function to be tested:
The name of function to be tested.

It tells in which environment you are testing.

Test Setup:
Anything you need to set up outside of your application for example printers, network and so on.

Test Execution:
It is detailed description of every step of execution.

Expected Results:
The description of what you expect the function to do.

Actual Results:
pass / failed
If pass - What actually happen when you run the test.
If failed - put in description of what you've observed.

Characteristics of a Good Test:
They are: likely to catch bugs
no redundant
not too simple or too complex.

Test case is going to be complex if you have more than one expected results.
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