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Bug Report Components _________________________________
by Mikhail Rakhunov SQAtester.com contributor

Report number:
Unique number given to a bug.

Program / module being tested:
The name of a program or module that being tested

Version & release number:
The version of the product that you are testing.

Problem Summary:
(data entry field that's one line) precise to what the problem is.

Report Type:
Describes the type of problem found, for example it could be software or hardware bug.

Normally, how you view the bug.
Various levels of severity:
Low - Medium - High - Urgent

Environment in which the bug is found.

Detailed Description:
Detailed description of the bug that is found

How to reproduce:
Detailed description of how to reproduce the bug.

Reported by:
The name of person who writes the report.

Assigned to developer:
The name of developer who assigned to fixed the bug.

The status of bug when it entered.
Fixed / feedback:
The status of the bug when it fixed.
The status of the bug when verified.
(Bug can be only closed by QA person. Usually, the problem is closed by QA manager.)
The status of the bug when it postponed.
User error:
The status of the bug when user made an error.
Not a bug:
The status of the bug when it is not a bug.

Assigned by the project manager who asks the programmers to fix bugs in priority order.

Defines the current status of the problem. There are four types of resolution such as deferred, not a problem, will not fix, and as designed.
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